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Shipsomnia - Tale of the Kraken

The 3D animation was made in a deadline of 7 weeks.
10 days of rendering on 7x980ti.


Yvan Feusi
Art direction & concept
Modeling & texturing of the Kraken (& initial rigging), Cockpit interior/exterior, Environments, Animation of the Captain, Jellyfish, Particles, Gears, Candle, All Materials, Lighting & Rendering (Octane)
Post-production After-Effect & Photoshop

Lil Guy Design
Animation of the Kraken, Engine, Camera, Fishes/Whale & Logo 3D model

Hervé Gaerthner
Eye sequence (re-topo, animation, rendering)

Tram Nguyen
Logo/medaillon 2D redesign

Jordan Reynolds & Jennifer
Voice actors

Michael Herrero and Pathompol Chanin
Sound fx

Thanks to:
Ahmet Oktar, developer of Octane for C4D
Jay Slangen & Alessandra Maderni, for their inputs along the project

Official Trailer: Shipsomnia - Tale of the Kraken